q: wont making a modpack for wynn just make it laggier and harder for people to join?

a: no! the modpack if FULLY client sided and optional! its just our improvements for wynn!

q: why wont you add optifine to the modpack by deafult?

a: we can't do that. optifine explicitly stated that noone can use the mod in any modpack. yes other modpacks use optifine but not legally.

q: is there any way to see all the keybinds?

a: yes just go into the settings tab and into controlls. at the bottom you can see all the binds of the mod, and ofc change them to your liking.

q: my item locks arent working!

a: its most likely because youre not leftclicking the item. you have to hold your lock key and leftclick, which locks the item.

q: can i add my own mods to the pack?

a: yes, ofc you can but most of the time its not going to be supported by us, so dont be suprised if you keep crashing or something doesnt work correctly.

q: how do i become a beta tester?

a: beta testing is currently only for modpack donators since thats a group of people we can trust and yes you can join it anytime by donating. you will get an email as soon as a new version comes out but make sure to mail us back with your IGN, so we can enable the mod for you. we're planning on giving beta testing to HERO's but that will come later in the future.

q: why did u start to give out beta testing and why is it only for donators?

a: we want the official releases to be as smooth as possible, and make sure they are also safe. many problems happen on specific computers but not all, and we want to fix all the problems. as to us only giving beta to donators is because we have to pay for all of our databases, websites and bandwidth, that are necessary to make some new features work.