q: can i get banned for using the modpack?

a: no, no you cant. we make sure all the features are approved by admins and before we release it we will let verify wynns admins that its safe to use.

q: is this modpack safe to use?

a: yes, yes it is. the way you obtain the modpack is via curse forge which has a safety verification process, that is every time you update your mod or modpack it is checked by curse moderators to ensure its not malicious or unsafe in any way.

q: how can i obtain this modpack?

a: the modpack is avalible as a curse modpack, make sure you enable the minecraft addon, browse all modpacks and look for wynncraft enhanced modpack you can either click this or click the download button at the top of the page. make sure you download the latest version.

q: how do i install the modpack?

a: heres a guide on how to install it using the twitch app. you can install it the normal way but its not recommended or supported. it might cause problems later on when youre trying to uninstall the modpack since its overwrites some files.

q: do you have download links on other webistes?

a: other than forums we dont. dont trust those kind of links because they may be malware or just unsafe. the only official way of getting the modpack is via curse forge.